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  • How To Set Up Inventory And Stock Tracking
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Open the product page

Select a product (1) from the product list page from the left side of your Ecommerce Store.

Track inventory

Scroll down the product page to see the ‘Inventory’ field as shown in the image above.

Select ‘Track inventory’ for this item (1) and then set a stock level (2) to indicate how many items you have in stock. Each time a customer purchases the product from your Ecommerce Store this number decreases, and when it reaches zero customers will no longer be able to purchase the item.

To allow an item to be purchased even if the stock level reaches zero, check the ‘Allow purchase’ tick box (3).

If you set a Low Stock Alert level (4) an email will be sent to you at the store email address that you define when the stock reaches this level.

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