This document will go over how to terminate a cPanel account under a UK2 Reseller.  A UK2 Reseller Hosting account is required in order to have the access necessary to create or terminate cPanel accounts.

**Please note that this will terminate/remove everything in the cPanel account, including addon domain entries, sub domain entries, e-mail accounts, and databases. All data will be deleted and will most likely not be able to be recovered. As always, please take a backup of your account before making any changes or terminating the account.**

**Please change all references of to your domain.**

STEP 1: Log into your WHM Account at

STEP 2: Next click on Main, then Account Functions, then Terminate an Account.

STEP 3: Select or highlight the domain you wish to terminate from the list and click Terminate at the bottom of the page. You can search by the main cpanel domain name or username if you can’t find the account you want to terminate in the list.

Once this is done, the account and all information that it had will be deleted from the server. Any users that had been created will also be deleted and unable to login.

If you require additional help, please submit a support ticket (for CHI clients through the support section of your CHI account) here.