This article will detail how to set up Dreamweaver to access your FTP site and upload files to your UK2 hosting package. This document uses screen shots of setting up an FTP account using Dreamweaver CS5.5.

**All pictures are for reference only. The actual layout of your interface may differ from the images below**

Step 1: Open Dreamweaver

Step 2: Click on Site then on New Site…

 new site

Step 3: Fill in the required information.

In the pop up window that appears you will need to fill in the information you want for the site name and browser to the Local Site Folder, if you have not customized this it should be correct by default.

fill in information

Step 4: Select the Servers tab from within the new window.

Step 5: Fill out all the information asked for.

**If you have just purchased your hosting package it will take up to 24 hours for you to be able to use these settings**

-Connect Using: FTP
-FTP Address: (change this to your domain name)
Your cPanel login username.
Your cPanel Password, Place a tick in the Save box
-Host directory: 
-Web URL: (change this to your domain name)

website information

Step 7: Click the Save button to exit the window and save the new site configuration.

Step 8: Upload your files to the server.

-Select the root folder in the Files sub-window

-Click the Put button (the up arrow) to upload the files to the server

If you encounter any errors or problems with this process, please contact our technical support department. They will be happy to help resolve any issues you experience.