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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I edit the HTML / CSS?

A: No.

In a future release you will be able to edit the HTML/CSS for a template and then upload that template to Editor 7.


Q: Who is Editor 7 aimed at?

A: Editor 7 is aimed at helping small business users create a great looking website quickly and easily.

Q: Can I have different content on my mobile site?

A: No.

Editor 7 is specifically designed to share a single set of content across multiple devices.


Q: Can I import my existing Website Bulder site?

A: You can import text and image content from older Website Builder sites on a page-by-page basis.


Q: Can I have drop down navigation menus?

A: Yes

If you create a folder and add pages to it then the navigation will automatically add drop down menus.


Q: Can I import my own templates?

A: Not yet…

…but in a later release you will be able to do this.


Q: Can I use a domain I bought somewhere else?

A: Yes

Q: What will happen to my old site after you launch Editor 7?

A: Nothing – it will work exactly as before

If you already have a Website Builder site you will be able to use it and edit indefinitely. You don’t have to migrate to Editor 7.


Q: Will you add a preview?

A: Maybe.

We may do this in a future release, depending on customer feedback. For now, we want to keep things simple.


Q: Can I embed Flash?

A: Yes, but it may not be a good idea

You can embed Flash using the Embed Widget but you should keep in mind that many mobile devices cannot play back Flash content.


Q: What about Ecommerce?

A: Not yet but It’s on our roadmap.

Q: Can I publish to Facebook?

A: Yes

Q: Blog?

A: Yes

Q: Can you provide FTP access?

A: No.

Editor 7 is cloud hosted so there is no need for FTP.


Q: Are forms included?

A: Yes.

Two kinds of simple form are available. We may add more later.


Q: Can I put advertisements like Google Adsense on my site?

A: Yes.

Just use the embed widget.


Q: Can I edit my site on my iPad or iPhone?

A: Not yet.

You can use an iPad, iPhone or similar device to access everything except the site editor.


Q: Can I create a password protected ares?

A: No.

Q: If I use Editor 7 will my site jump to the top on Google?

A: Possibly, but it will take time and effort.

Editor 7 sites have excellent SEO performance but getting a good ranking on Google always requires time and effort. The best source for accurate information is