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  • What Currencies Does UK2 Ecommerce Support
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Available Currencies for Your Ecommerce Store

You have the option to choose from any of the following currencies to use as payment method within your store:

  • Argentine Peso

  • Australian Dollar

  • Brazilian Real

  • British Pound Sterling

  • Bulgarian Lev

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Chilean Peso

  • Chinese Yuan

  • Colombian Peso

  • Croatian Kuna

  • Czech Republic Koruna

  • Danish Krone

  • Euro

  • Hungarian Forint

  • Indian Rupee

  • Indonesian Rupiah

  • Kenyan Shilling

  • Malaysian Ringgit

  • Mexican Peso

  • New Taiwan Dollar

  • Norwegian Krone

  • Peruvian Nuevo Sol

  • Philippine Peso

  • Polish Zloty

  • Russian Ruble

  • Swedish Krona

  • Thai Baht

  • Turkish Lira

  • US Dollar


    You may not display multiple types of currencies, only one currency is available per store.

Depending on the payment method you have chosen for your store, you may be able to accept payments in currencies not listed in the list above. Please consult with your chosen payment service provider for any additional currencies that you are able to accept.

Setting the currency you have chosen:

Click Settings from the menu on the left side of your screen (1).

Click Currency and formats at the bottom of the menu (1) and the select the currency you would like to use (2) and click save (3).