Once you have registered a domain, the email that you used when filling out the WHOIS information will be visible to anyone who looks for information about the owner of your website.

 Spammers have been known to use this public information attached to domains to send unsolicited emails. This could result in an increase in the number of spammy emails you receive to that email address.

If you wish to protect your email address from potential spammers, you have the option to purchase a private domain when checking out.




A verification email will be sent during the final step of registering your domain. It should arrive immediately after checking out and will have a link for you to follow to verify your email address. Be aware that there is a common scam is to send an email posing as your web hosting provider in an attempt to obtain personal information from you. Do not enter any personal information, especially payment information, through any link received from an email address you do not trust.


If you are not sure if an email is legitimate, please feel free to contact our UK2 support team.

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