Your cPanel and CHI accounts have separate passwords and as such different methods for being reset. This article will direct you through the necessary steps for resetting your cPanel password within your CHI account.   

Please follow the directions very carefully. The cPanel password reset page is not the correct place to change your password.

Step One: Navigate To The Shared Hosting Section of CHI

  1. Log in at

  2. Click on the “Shared Hosting” tab as seen in the icon below.

  1. Click the domain for which you would like to reset the password .

Step Two: Use The Change cPanel/FTP/SSH password Tool in CHI

  1. Click the “Change cPanel/FTP/SSH password” button as seen in the image below.

It may feel natural to navigate to the cPanel section of the “Shared Hosting” tab to change your password, but this would be incorrect. The correct tool for changing your password is located on the homepage of your domain’s Shared Hosting tab, so once you have clicked through to this location, you do not need to navigate any further.

     2.     Enter your new password in the field provided and confirm by entering the password again.

     3      Click “Save” to implement your new password.

Your password for cPanel, FTP and SSH will all be changed to the new password you have entered.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact technical support by opening a chat or creating a ticket within your CHI account. 

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