Auto Renewal Policy

  1. UK2 operate an Auto Renewal Policy on all products and services, which is designed to ensure continuity of service.

  2. Fees for the Renewal Term are payable seven (7) days in advance of the contract expiry date. As per the UK2 Cancellation Policy customers wishing to cancel their services must do so, in writing (using the Cancellation Queue in the U) at least 14 days prior to the contract expiry date.

  3. It is important that customers ensure their contact and billing details, specifically their email address is up to date. You will be notified when a payment has been taken from your credit card.

  4. To ensure services are renewed, customers must ensure that their contact and billing details are updated at all times. Customers updating Credit/Debit Card details must be aware that they will be at risk of losing services if details are not updated before the day services are scheduled to expire. UK2 cannot be held responsible for loss of a Domain Name if a customers contact and billing details are not up to date, therefore preventing the Auto Renewal from taking place.

  5. Auto Renewal of UK2 services is excluded from the U as it is the customers responsibility to cancel services, in writing, 14 days prior to the contract expiry date.

If you have any problems with or enquiries about our Auto Renewal service, please contact our Team. You can call on 0 between 9.00am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday or you can s to Cancellations at all times.