Supreme Support

  1. Supreme Support end-user support and server administration offerings cover a wide range of security scans, emergency server restores, server and service monitoring, managed backups, and software/operating system updates.

    Please note Supreme Support is supplied to the server owner only and all tickets require the server root password.

    Supreme Support system administrators can support a wide variety of server configurations. We recommend CentOS 5.x as an enterprise web hosting platform and the cPanel/WHM control panel for end-user server management. However, our administrators also capable of supporting a combination of other operating systems and control panels.

    Operating Systems Supported:

    1. CentOS

    2. RedHat Enterprise Linux

    3. Windows Server 2008/2003

    4. Debian

    5. OpenBSD

    6. FreeBSD

    7. Fedora

    Control Panel Applications Supported:

    1. cPanel / WHM

    2. Parallels Plesk

    3. DirectAdmin

    4. Webmin / Virtualmin

    Please note that a server must be running a combination of a supported operating system and control panel in order to be eligible for support by our administrators. Unfortunately, configurations for servers not running a supported control panel can widely vary and issues will be handled at our discretion.

  2. Server Migration Paths Supported:

    cPanel, Alabanza, CIHost, DirectAdmin, Ensim, Parallels Plesk, ZervexCP > cPanel (Linux only) Plesk > Plesk (Version must be the same, Linux or Windows, No Linux > Windows or vice-versa)

    Other migration paths are possible but cannot be completed using automated tools provided by the software vendor in addition to our custom in-house scripts. Full server migrations that do not meet the above criteria are quoted on a per-issue basis and performed at our rate of £75 per hour. Please contact sales for a custom quote if you're interested in a migration that does not meet the above criteria.

    End-User Support Services Include:

    1. Unlimited Reboots: If your server becomes unresponsive and requires rebooting, users may request this as many times as they require.

    2. 24x7 Support: Our technicians are on hand 24/7/365 and will respond to critical tickets within 15 minutes. All other tickets will be replied to within 45 minutes. Please note that although we're able to promise a SLA for the time to reply from one of our technicians, we are not able to promise a resolution time due to the vast number of issues that may arise.

    3. Initial Server Setup and Configuration: If the end user just purchased a new server we will setup and configure the server from scratch by installing the control panel of their choice, configuring networking, adding additional IP addresses, installing our security scripts, etc.

    4. Service Monitoring: We'll monitor up to 13 ports on an end-user's server to see if various services are responding, such as Apache, POP, mySQL etc. By default we will monitor SSH (22), HTTP (80), SSL(443), DNS (53), FTP (21), mySQL (3306), SMTP (25), POP (110), IMAP (143), cPanel (2082) and WHM (2086). Just let us know which services you'd like for us to monitor from this list and if there are any custom ports that you would like monitored (users can specify up to 2 custom ports). If any of the services on a customer's server become unresponsive, our technicians will attempt to restart the service. Alternatively, if the server is offline and not responding to ping requests, SSH, or RDP we will reboot the server and/or contact the data center in order to have the server back online as soon as possible. Service monitoring needs to be enabled on a per-instance basis by informing us of the IP address and root/administrator password by raising a ticket.

    5. Server Antivirus: We'll install an email anti-virus system to protect users from any harmful viruses which might be spreading around the internet by email.

    6. Server Security Audit: Users may request a server security audit to be performed at any time. We'll conduct a full scan of their server to see if there are any security concerns and monitor resource usage to ensure their server operating normally and not over-utilizing system resources. Security measures include but are not limited to the following:

      1. chkrootkit installation - locally checks for signs of a rootkit

      2. secure SSH - upgrade to latest version and modify configuration to increase security

      3. firewall installation - CSF+LFD or APF+BFD installation based on the OS and control panel

      4. host.conf hardening - prevents DNS lookup poisoning and adds spoofing protection

      5. disable insecure services - prevents the server from consuming unnecessary resources

      6. root activity log - e-mails the end-user about root access attempts and logins to their server

    7. ModSecurity: We'll apply ModSecurity server hardening rule sets to servers. ModSecurity is a web application firewall that establishes an external security layer to increase security, detect, and prevent attacks before they reach web applications.

    8. Software Updates: At an end-user's request, we will update software necessary for the server to continue to operate properly. Kernel upgrades, PHP/mySQL/Apache updates, control panel updates, software firewall upgrades, etc. are included.

  3. Other Supported Requests:

    1. Networking & Connectivity Issues

    2. OS Re-installs

    3. OS Troubleshooting (won't boot, can't upgrade using YUM, APT-GET or Windows Update)

    4. Control Panel Troubleshooting (for supported control panels)

    5. Apache Troubleshooting

    6. DNS Troubleshooting

    7. Mail Server Troubleshooting (Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, Smartermail)

    8. FTP Server Troubleshooting

    9. MySQL Troubleshooting

    10. PHP Module and Parsing Troubleshooting

    11. Perl Module Installation

    12. SSL Installation and Troubleshooting

    13. 3rd Party Software Installation including but not limited to: ModSecurity, Fantastico, phpBB, RVSkin, cPanel Pro, ClamAV, Mailscanner, Urchin Stats, Ioncube loaders, Zend Optimizer, Ruby on Rails, Magento, CSF+LFD, APF+BFD and Norton Antivirus

    14. Hardware firewall configuration for Cisco or Juniper equipment

  4. Non-Supported Requests:

    1. 3rd Party Software Configuration that is not required or compatible with a supported OS/Control Panel

    2. 3rd Party Software Troubleshooting that is not required or compatible with a supported OS/Control Panel

    3. Script/Application Level Troubleshooting that is not required or compatible with a supported OS/Control Panel

    4. mySQL Clustering and/or Load Balancing

    5. Advanced mySQL Replication Techniques

    6. Proxy server installation such as nginx or squid on a server with a supported control panel

  5. Custom Requests:

    Our administration team is available to you whenever you need them for emergency or complex administration services. Our administrators can perform any maintenance, backup restores, server hardening, security audits, or other services you may need on an per-issue basis under our hourly rate of £75. Please contact our sales team to get started with a custom request. Once we receive your request it is assigned to one of our senior system administrators. Once they have reviewed the request they will:

    1. Ask any follow-up questions necessary for them to fully understand the client's request

    2. Review the client's request and answers to any follow-up questions

    3. Design a solution to meet the client's needs

    4. Develop an implementation time-line and make changes as necessary

    5. Implement the solution and present it to the client for review

    6. Make any necessary changes to complete the project