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Web hosting is simple: it’s the behind-the-scenes action of your online activities. Your web hosting solution secures you an allotted section of a server (you can even run the whole thing!) which powers your website. This server houses all of your important information, serving it up to your site visitors when they need it: that is, when they type your domain name into their search bar.

There are a few web hosting
options for you to consider:


This does exactly what it says on the tin. The server is shared between you and multiple other clients, so you share the memory, storage and bandwidth with your neighbours. A great option for small sites and businesses in their infancy, shared hosting solutions allow you to focus on attracting your website visitors without the hassle of server configuration and maintenance.

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Private Server

A VPS gives you more control over your hardware. Your information is stored in a segregated partition of a server, on which all resources are entirely yours. This is great as you won’t see a dip in performance when another site receives a spike in traffic, because the resources on your VPS are dedicated to your site. The technical stuff is all yours too, giving you more freedom to configure the server as you need it.

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The ultimate in business hosting solutions, a dedicated server is just that: a server which is entirely dedicated to you. It’s your own to do with what you wish, meaning abundant resources are in your hands. You’ll need a bit of technical know-how to get to grips with your server’s configuration, but a simple control panel interface will allow you to keep things ticking over with relative ease.

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WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the planet, and many thousands of webizens choose to build their website on its platform. WordPress Hosting is designed and built from the ground up to provide the ultimate in website hosting, fully optimised specifically to support WordPress websites. With Optimised WordPress Hosting from UK2, you’ll also get access to free premium templates and WordPress tutorials to ensure your site is the best it can be.

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Business Hosting from UK2
Best Features

Located in the centre of start-up territory in London’s Shoreditch, UK2 is surrounded by entrepreneurs and up-and-coming businesses. Our setting has given us more than a little insider info on what it takes to succeed, and this knowledge has helped us tailor our small business web hosting package.



Lightning fast speeds

The word unlimited shows up a lot in the details of UK2’s Business Web Hosting package. There’s no cap on the number of websites you can run, your web hosting space, or your monthly traffic. It’s small business hosting with mighty capacity.

On Tap

Optimum performance

We've been supporting businesses since 1998 and have grown ourselves from start-up to global business. So we know what it takes and have what you need to make sure your hosting is not something you need to worry about.


Increased uptime

The analytics tool Stats2 is free when you take out a one or two year Business Web Hosting package. This bit of kit can help you discover who your web visitors are and how they interact with your website.

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