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Here at UK2 we know just how difficult it can be to launch a website; sometimes you simply don’t have the time and expertise to make sure it is the best it can be. Your website is key to your online success though, so cutting corners shouldn’t be an option.

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems on the planet, and with a custom WordPress website from our expert team you’ll have full control to make updates at any time once you receive your site. Our Premium WordPress Hosting package will ensure your site is running smoothly; it’s designed and optimised specifically to support WordPress websites. Hosting is not included in price plans.

Building a website is no picnic, and with the 1000 other things to think about it may be wise to bring in an expert. Our website design service promises a professional, fully optimised website that’s tailored to your every need. All you need to do is provide us with all the content and images for your site and we’ll do the rest; we’ll even make sure your site’s SEO is up to scratch.

3 Page Website


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  • SEO Ready
  • Social Icons & Requested Links
  • Embed YouTube Code
  • 1 Forms / Contact Us
  • Blogging
  • Interactive Photo Gallery
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5 Page Website


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  • SEO Ready
  • Social Icons & Requested Links
  • Embed YouTube Code
  • 1 Forms / Contact Us
  • Blogging
  • 25 Interactive Photo Gallery

10 Page Website


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  • SEO Ready
  • Social Icons & Requested Links
  • Embed YouTube Code
  • 2 Forms / Contact Us
  • Blogging
  • 50 Interactive Photo Gallery

Tech Specs

Features & Plug Ins: Standard with Package


Description Product Specifics 3 Page 5 Page 10 Page
Animated Photos / Slideshow (Home Page) 3-5 images 1 Up to 3 Up to 5
SEO Ready Title Tags, Alt Tags, H1,H2, Meta, Sitemap Yes Yes Yes
Social Icons and Requested Links Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Yes Yes Yes
Forms / Contact Us Default:
  • Name (Single-Line Entry Block)
  • Email Address (Single-Line Entry Block)
  • Message (Multi-Line Entry Block)
  • Captcha
  • Submit Button
  • Thank You Message Default for Successful Sent
  • Error Message Default for Unsuccessful Sent
Secondary Options: (Up To 2 additional items)
  • Checkbox Selection Buttons (up to 3)
  • Drop Down Selection Box (up to 3 selections within drop-down)
  • Text Collection Entry Blocks (Single-Line or Multi-Line)
1 or 2 forms 1 1 2
Video Embed Code (YouTube Code) Buyer or Client owned Yes Yes Yes
Maps Google Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable Files Client owned No 1 2
Features & Plug Ins (dependent on UK2 Deployment): Pick Your Option N/A Pick 3 Pick 5
Interactive Photo Gallery (Plug-In) 25 and 50 photos N/A 25 50
Events Calendar Display
  • Add Events Calendar Plug-in / Widget to 1 Page
  • Add First Event (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
Events/Appointments Scheduling
  • Add Appointment Plug-in / Widget to 1 Page
  • Add First User / Role / Appointment (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
Reviews Required to understand UK2 availability N/A Yes Yes
  • Add Coupon Plug-in / Widget to Page
  • Setup first coupon (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
  • Counts as One Page
  • Setup to 50 Items / lines (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
  • Counts as One Page
  • Setup initial Blog Post "Check Out My New Site!"
  • Setup two additional blog posts (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
  • Counts as One Page
  • Setup initial Forum Post (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
Visitor Polls
  • Add Visitor Polls Plug-in/Widget to Page
  • Setup first coupon (info to be provided by Client)
N/A Yes Yes
PayPal Button
  • Setup PayPal Button on 1 Page
  • Client to add account details
N/A Yes Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is website design?

Website design is the creation of a website tailored entirely to your needs by a designer. You call the shots, although your designer can make recommendations on best web design practice if you need any advice.

Why do I need a web designer?

Many small businesses and startups turn to custom website design for their website as they lack the time and resources needed to create the website they need in a correct and timely manner. Bringing in an external designer is a great option for these businesses, as they can relay all their design demands to the designer and collaborate on the look and functionality of the website without needing the technical expertise to build the site themselves. Businesses have a lengthy to-do list when getting started online, and the time and resources saved by employing an external designer far outweigh the cost of website design. Once your site is published you are free to take control of site management, so any changes can be made directly by you.

What are the advantages of hiring a website designer?

An external website designer will work with your business to create a website that meets all your needs; they simply do all the work for you while you take care of the countless other startup and business management tasks you have going on. A professional web designer will be skilled in ensuring the code of your website is correct and tidy, making sure you’re pleasing the search engines from the get-go. When building a site without the technical expertise you could make mistakes that will cost you in time, resources and capital when rectifying.

Isn't website design expensive?

Considering the amount of time, resources and workforce power it would take your business to code, build and launch your new website, the expense of bringing in an external designer is hardly extortionate. Ensuring your time and resources are spent wisely is essential to any fledgling or veteran business; spending money on outsourcing your website design is good business sense. With our web design service you’ll only pay 50% of the full fee before work begins on the site, and the remaining payment just before the site is published. Your Premium WordPress Hosting will be billed separately.

I need a website quickly, is web design for me?

Your external website designer understands the time constraints your business could be up against. Fully disclosing any deadlines and ensuring your website will be complete in time is essential for your partnership with your designer to be effective. Ensure you have all your content ready when getting started with the site and waiting times will be minimal. If you need to launch your website super-fast, consider using our website builder tool, which offers eCommerce and holding page websites that can be launched in no time at all.


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