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How To Restore An SQL Database In cPanel

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The SQL Database holds information for accessing, retrieving and editing your website. You can download a copy of the database to keep as a backup in the event that your data needs to be restored to a previously saved version. This article acts as a guide for creating and downloading a database file to restore the MySQL Database.

UK2.NET makes and stores regular backups of your website on our servers. We recommend that you keep an additional copy of your website for your own records. If you need to restore your website from the past seven days, please fill out a support ticket and include the date from the past seven days and any specific website, database or other content you would like to have restored.

Step 1: Create A MySQL Backup In cPanel

  1. Within cPanel, navigate to the Backup Wizard by clicking on the “Backup Wizard” icon. The Backup Wizard tool will be used to create and restore your backup database.

    backup wizard

  2.  Click on the “MySQL Databases” under the “Select Partial Backup” section. 

    select backup

Step 2: Download The MySQL Backup File


download sql database

The file created from your database will automatically save to your Downloads folder. You will need to move it to a more permanent location using the file explorer. Make sure that you take a note of the name and date of your file, and where you saved it, as you will need to refer to it to complete this process.

Step 3: Restore The MySQL Database

  1. Return to the Backup Wizard in cPanel.
  2. Click on the “Restore” button.
  3. Select “MySQL Databases”.
  4. Click “Choose File”.
  5. Select the backup file that you previously downloaded and saved to your local computer.
  6. Click “Upload”.

If you need further help restoring your website, please contact UK2 support by opening a chat or creating a ticket within your CHI dashboard.

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