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Connecting To MySQL Remotely

This knowledge base article is to assist you with accessing your MySQL database remotely through the "Remote MySQL" feature in cPanel.

Step 1: Obtain your Public IP address from the computer you want to access your MySQL database from.

a)      Make sure that you are on the computer you want to access the MySQL database with.

b)      Go to

c)       Type in the search box, “What is my IP?”

d)      You will see Google returns results in this format (please note the IP address in this example has been blurred):

Step 2: Determine if your IP address is Static or Dynamic.

If you don’t already know if it’s static, than it is most likely a dynamic IP address. If you would like to know for sure, you can find this out by contacting your Internet Service Provider. If you would like to know additional information regarding the differences between dynamic and static IPs, please refer to this article:

Step 3: Enable your IP to connect to your MySQL database via cPanel’s MySQL Access

a)      Log into your cPanel. This can be done by using the following URL, but replacing with your domain:

b)      Scroll down to the “Databases” section, and click on “Remote MySQL”

enable ip  

c)      Locate the text box to the right of, “Host (% wildcard is allowed):.” This is where you will add your IP address or a wildcard. This is where you will want to know if you have a dynamic or static IP address.

d)      If you have a static IP address, go ahead and past it into the textbox and click on the “Add Host” button. If you have a dynamic IP, you may want to use a wildcard or a ‘partial’ wildcard.

Example:  Say your current, but dynamic IP address is If the first part of the IP stays the same, you can do something like 72.12.%. So would be allowed, as well as, etc. Or you can just add "%" instead of any IP address to the access list to allow all IPs. Allowing access from all IPs is not recommended, but it's okay if you ensure your cPanel password and all MySQL user passwords are secure. Here is a website that explains helpful ways to increase the security of your password: . Please note that if you do not know if your dynamic IP will keep the first one or two sets of numbers when it changes (72.12 in the example), you can find out from your Internet Service Provider. If you IP address is dynamic and you do not use any kind of a wildcard, you will need to add your IP address to Remote MySQL each time your IP changes. Whatever you decide, go ahead and place it into the text box and click “Add Host.”

remove database

If you require additional help, please submit a support ticket.

For CHI clients you can submit a support ticket through the support section of your CHI account. Article here: Support Tab Overview in CHI

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