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How To Setup WebDiversion

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WebDiversion is used to point a domain name that is registered with UK2 to an existing website URL.  This is usually a website that is hosted by someone other than UK2.  You will usually want to use DNS or Nameserver pointing to point a domain to another server, but if all you have is a URL (ie. then WebDiversion will work for you.

Step One: Navigate To The WebDiversion Section Of CHI

 1. Sign into your account and open the ‘Domains’ section.

 Domain Tab 

2. Click on the domain name you wish to redirect from the list of domain names that appears.  If you only have one domain name, your list will only show one item, but you still need to click it. 

3. Click on the WebDiversion link along the top of the page.

Set up Webdiversion

Step Two: Auto-configure WebDiversion For Your Domain

  1. An auto-configuration button may appear.  

Set up webdiversion

Go ahead and click it,  If this button does not appear, Your DNS is already configured and you can continue to the next step.  

You may want to make sure there are no duplicate ‘A’ records or ‘CNAME’ records for www.

      2. You should now see a window with your WebDiversion settings.  You will see a website URL.  

Make sure the website URL contains the http or https protocol at the front.  

**It is usually easiest to pull your existing site up in an internet browser and copy/paste the URL from the address bar directly into this field.**

You will also see a Website Title field. This is what will be displayed in the tab area of your internet browser when you visit this diverted domain name.

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