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  • How To Create Email Account Via Website Builder
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The following steps show how to create a new email account for a domain with Website Builder.

1. Login to your CHI account at

2. Navigate to the Website Builder icon and select the domain from the list on the left you wish to create the email account for.

website builder tab

Then select the Email option towards the top of the page.

email tab

3. Inside the Email section, select “Add New Address”.

 add new email address

4. Inside the box that appears, enter the new email account and a new password.

Confirm the password and click “Save”.

create email

You now have your first email account created. This email will now be displayed inside of the Email section in your CHI account. You may “Delete” or “Edit” this mailbox password.

If you have questions on this process please contact us via Live Chat or submit a ticket from the Support section in your CHI account. If you do choose to contact us via Live Chat please ensure you have your account verification ready so we may assist you more efficiently.