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How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan For Your Website

This guide will help you determine which type of web hosting you need to suit your needs.

First, decide if you need sharedcloud or dedicated hosting. Then, you can choose a specific package from

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is a basic, yet highly capable hosting solution. In addition, it’s easy to manage and is the most affordable option available.

Shared hosting means you are literally sharing a server with several other people. Each person using the server is allocated a set amount of resources such as bandwidth, RAM and disk space. Our technicians manage these shared servers, meaning you can focus on running your website.

Shared web hosting is the ideal option for anyone looking for a simple, affordable and easy-to-manage hosting solution. Shared hosting is perfect for bloggers, small-medium sized business websites and personal websites.

Here are some of the packages we offer here at UK2:

Budget Hosting


Business Hosting

Premium WordPress Hosting

VPS Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting means pulling resources from multiple web servers to create a virtual “cloud” that several websites can use. Since each website isn’t stored on just one physical server, it makes it easy to add scale up or down on the resources you need.

Hosting in the cloud is also very reliable. If one server happens to go down, your site will stay up since it is still grabbing resources from other physical hardware.

Another advantage to cloud hosting is the price. Although more expensive than shared hosting, cloud hosting is still reasonable for most business websites.

Cloud hosting is great for medium and large-sized businesses, high traffic websites or websites that have potential to fluctuate in traffic.  

Here are some of our cloud hosting packages:

VPS Cloud Hosting


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you get an entire web server all to yourself. This allows you to use all of the server’s resources as you see fit. You can host several of your websites on the same server, host one or two large corporate websites, or anything else you need to store on the server.

One advantage of dedicated hosting is that you get full control over the web server. However, keep in mind that since you have complete control, you’ll be the one managing the technical aspects.

Dedicated hosting is great for large business, corporate-style websites, or anyone looking for large amounts of storage space. Dedicated hosting is also great for tech-savvy clients that want complete control over their server.

With our dedicated servers, you can choose between unmanaged dedicated and managed support.

If you’re still unsure about which package is right for you, feel free to chat with our sales team!

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